• Jumpin’ Rabbits

    He is 75, born and raised within 60 miles of the pot of French press that sits on the table between us. He’s the son of North Carolina sharecroppers whose huge smile and gregarious personality no doubt were two of his most powerful tools in his efforts to carve out a successful path as a… Continue Reading

  • Guests of Honor

    Okay, the old guy is back in the coffee shop this morning. You remember him — the one who had the big bandage on his head a few weeks ago? Only there’s no bandage on his head any more. I’m not sure what that says about a guy’s holiday season, but I’m calling it a… Continue Reading

  • OhmygoshYES!

    She is standing before me, talking at me, but I am deep in the thought and song of laptops and headphones. When I finally realize she is talking to me, I peel off my headphones and apologize. “That book,” she says, pointing to the copy of Letters to a Young Poet that sits on my… Continue Reading

  • 2018

    Less: Sugar, BBQ, burgers, fries, pastries, nachos. More: Vegetables, water, stopping when I’m full. Less: Staring at ceilings at 4:02 a.m. More: Stretching, breathing, Yoga, hiking. Less: Social media. More: People. Places. Things. Less: News. More: Music. Less: Couch time. More: Road time. Less: Talking about writing. More: Writing. Less: Clutter. More: Space. Less: Running… Continue Reading

  • The Silent Horns of Emotional Freight Trains

    I’ve seen the look before. It’s the loving smile, with a touch of distant stare. It’s usually spread across the face of a grandmother as she looks at your toddler son in the grocery checkout line. Only I’ve never quite understood it. Not until this morning. Not until I passed the little guy standing in… Continue Reading

  • I Like, Therefore I Am

    I like that one of my boys will get me an iTunes gift card for Christmas. I like that I already know the music I will purchase with that card. I like that it’s music I want to listen to today, but I will wait for Christmas morning. Because then, every time I listen to… Continue Reading

  • More Conversations With Baristas

    One of my all-time favorite baristas is sort of easing back into the game after having run afoul of management’s policy about, well, I was afraid to ask, to be honest. So he was out a couple of weeks. When I inquired about his whereabouts, I was met with sideways glances from skittish part-timers and… Continue Reading