• Guests of Honor

    The old guy is back in the coffee shop this morning. Maybe you remember him — the one who had the big bandage on his head a few weeks ago? Only there’s no bandage on his head any more. I’m not sure what that says about a guy’s holiday season, but I’m calling it a… Continue Reading

  • OhmygoshYES!

    She is standing before me, talking at me, but I am deep in the thought and song of laptops and headphones. When I finally realize she is talking to me, I peel off my headphones and apologize. “That book,” she says, pointing to the copy of Letters to a Young Poet that sits on my… Continue Reading

  • 2018

    Less: Sugar, BBQ, burgers, fries, pastries, nachos. More: Vegetables, water, stopping when I’m full. Less: Staring at ceilings at 4:02 a.m. More: Stretching, breathing, Yoga, hiking. Less: Social media. More: People. Places. Things. Less: News. More: Music. Less: Couch time. More: Road time. Less: Talking about writing. More: Writing. Less: Clutter. More: Space. Less: Running… Continue Reading

  • The Silent Horns of Emotional Freight Trains

    I’ve seen the look before. It’s the loving smile, with a touch of distant stare. It’s usually spread across the face of a grandmother as she looks at your toddler son in the grocery checkout line. Only I’ve never quite understood it. Not until this morning. Not until I passed the little guy standing in… Continue Reading

  • More Conversations With Baristas

    One of my all-time favorite baristas is sort of easing back into the game after having run afoul of management’s policy about, well, I was afraid to ask, to be honest. So he was out a couple of weeks. When I inquired about his whereabouts, I was met with sideways glances from skittish part-timers and… Continue Reading

  • Big Rides & Their Captains

    Imagine probably the cutest little old man you’ve ever seen. Sweatpants, flannel shirt, hearing aids. Gotta be pushing 90, complete with the huge ears sticking out from a ball cap whose brim is pulled down to his nose. He’s pushing his grocery cart past the in-store Starbucks. I’m waiting for my coffee, and there’s about… Continue Reading