“Dad, I’m Hungry”

Hands-down — without any debate — the best three words any parent can ever hear out of their child’s mouth is, “I love you.”

But I did discover No. 2 earlier this morning, when Griff FaceTimed me.

“Dad, I’m hungry.”

He’s eating. 😁

A lot.

French toast, sausage, a biscuit …

It not only stayed where it was sent, he’d already put in his order for lunch. And that led to one of the funnier conversations I’ve had with my boys (and my boys are f-u-n-n-y!).

Griff: “I’m not quite sure what it was honestly. It was billed as ‘herb-encrusted chicken with smoked something gravy’ but it was something passing as meat and covered in something wet.”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve always said the best marketing writing in the business is on on the menu at Denny’s.”

Griff: “Maybe Herb was the guy who cooked it.”

Me: “On a weekend furlough from Central Prison.”

Griff: (pretending to be Herb the Cook on Furlough from Central Prison) “Naw, man! I said my NAME was Herb and it’s crusty chicken!”

Even hearing him laugh, I waited for the cough.

No cough. He’s off his oxygen entirely this morning as well.😊

If that goes well — and if the food keeps coming — they say he’ll be home no later than Wednesday.

Who knew anybody would ever be so captivate by the delicacies on a hospital menu? πŸ€’πŸ˜…


On another note, he’s gone a bit viral on the social media end of things as well. Nearly 100 of you fine human beings have shared yesterday’s post. I created a blog post of the same story and last I looked (earlier this morning), it had been read by nearly 2,000 people. I’m almost never on Twitter, so I reached out to a few of my media friends who have large followings — Jason Quick (former Gazette-Times colleague who went on to be the Blazers beat writer at the Oregonian and now covers the Blazers for The Athletic) and former LA Times colleagues Steve Elling (probably the greatest PGA writer of all-time) and Tim Brown (award-winning MLB columnist for Yahoo! Sports) — and my blog stats tell me 95% of the hits are coming via Twitter.

It’s exceptionally cool reach out to guys I worked with 30 years ago and have them answer within about 30 seconds. I love you boys.

And here’s one of the best parts of all that. I have avoided almost all politically-charged diatribe on social media for almost two years now. I was just telling a friend a couple weeks ago, “When’s the last time somebody on the other side said, ‘Oh, why yes, <insert name>, thank you for enlightening me. I have changed my ways as a result of your post!’ ” So I have applied my energy elsewhere.

But it happened, peeps. 😲

Somebody who shared yesterday’s post also provided a public apology for their flippant remarks regarding haircuts, vowing to now take this pandemic seriously as a result of having read Griffen Riley’s story. 😁πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

It only takes one. Because as we all know, if 1 can infect 100 within hours, 1 can save 100 within hours as well. 😊❀️

Thank you, peeps! ✌️

And yes, please share the hell out of this. There’s now a lot of strangers worried about Griff, asking for updates. God bless this wonderful world of ours.

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