• Finding More Than I Seek

    Sipping coffee this early Sunday morning, watching the little bird that makes a stop on my back porch every morning to hop around and pick dead bugs off the pavement, preparing to leave for my long hike in the woods … and checking the blog stats. When I wrote I Want My Boy Back, it… Continue Reading

  • And the Healing Begins …

    Kids these days. Those headphones, the online gaming, the laughing or yelling at their buddies deep into the night. I share a bedroom wall with this particular kid. A thin bedroom wall at that. So many a night around here ends – or perhaps begins? – with me plodding off to bed at 10, stopping… Continue Reading

  • “Dad, I’m Hungry”

    Hands-down — without any debate — the best three words any parent can ever hear out of their child’s mouth is, “I love you.” But I did discover No. 2 earlier this morning, when Griff FaceTimed me. “Dad, I’m hungry.” He’s eating. 😁 A lot. French toast, sausage, a biscuit … It not only stayed… Continue Reading

  • I Want My Boy Back

    To those of you who still aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously in the United States, to those of you think it’s funny or cute or clever to politicize it with your hilarious references to “China Virus,” to those of you storming city streets with your tough-guy rifles, and, lastly, to the salon owners in Texas and… Continue Reading