Less: Sugar, BBQ, burgers, fries, pastries, nachos.
More: Vegetables, water, stopping when I’m full.

Less: Staring at ceilings at 4:02 a.m.
More: Stretching, breathing, Yoga, hiking.

Less: Social media.
More: People. Places. Things.

Less: News.
More: Music.

Less: Couch time.
More: Road time.

Less: Talking about writing.
More: Writing.

Less: Clutter.
More: Space.

Less: Running myself.
More: Running my dogs.

Less: Looking at iPhones.
More: Looking at my boys.

Less: Judging.
More: Accepting.

Less: Ruminating.
More: Making phone calls. Sending postcards. Texting dancing Caddyshack gopher GIFs.

Less: Talking
More: Listening.

Less: Broken laptops on the kitchen table.
More: Flowers on the kitchen table.

Less: Politics.
More: Poetry.

Less: Headlines.
More: Books.

Less: Their thinking.
More: My thinking.

Less: Ego.
More: Eno.

Less: Noise.
More: Quiet.

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