• Chapter One: Petey Cries

    Author’s Note: “Petey Cries” is the first in a series of stories that will introduce you to Finding Jeffery: A Memoir. You’ll ride shotgun on the short bus—rambling through The Divorce, starlings that drop from the sky, hounds that hump by the chicken coop, and Civil War heroes who drink lemonade in the garden. You’ll meet Petey, John, Jack, and Dorothy—the heroes,… Continue Reading

  • Our Moves: The Powerlessness of Parenting

    I’ve learned to be okay with the fact our oldest two sons are no longer down the hallway. That whatever, wherever, and whomever they’re up to on a college Friday night is their business. That in the quiet of their absence, there can be tranquility. (Sure, it might have to be located with a microscope and… Continue Reading