The Evolution of Mall Conversations

It occurred to me — as I stood there wearing Croc slippers, black mismatching athletic socks, sweats, and a sweatshirt that I don’t believe has been washed in 2014 — that things certainly have changed a bit when it comes to visiting the mall.

First, I was only about 100 feet in before I was already looking for a bench to sit on. And at 105 feet, I was bitching about how few benches there are to sit on.

Then it was the conversation with the wife …

Mall Conversations at 28: “Mmmmmm, Cinnnnnnnnabonnnnnnnnnn!”

Mall Conversations at 38: “You kids listen and listen good: nobody’s stepping a foot into the Disney Store until we find a men’s room and get brubby’s shorts changed!”

Mall Conversations at 48: “Huh. Pretty crowded. The economy must be doing better.”


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