Sometimes It’s Best to Just Leave Well Enough Alone

There’s nothing better than a good, ol’-fashioned quiz on a Monday morning …

In my search this morning of the 14-year-old’s bedroom for the missing packing tape, my hammer (?), and one of any of the 178 or so Sharpies I’ve purchased over the past 13 months — just one, one is all I’m asking for here (blue, red, black, doesn’t matter) — I instead located which of the following?

  1. Most of my athletic socks. In varying states of disrepair, including four that had been rolled up to create a small basketball that is being fired into a hoop created by what used to be some plastic molding to his desk.
  2. Six pairs of scissors. To go with five Elmer’s glue sticks and two bottles of Elmer’s glue and the kid hasn’t made a craft of anything since about the fifth grade.
  3. An empty carton of orange juice. Pulp-free. But not mold-free.
  4. Something for which I’m going to need the help of lab technicians before I can properly identify it.
  5. All of the above.

And this is after he deep-cleaned it on Saturday.


Latest Comments

  1. bejoneses says:

    I read this, and I remind myself that the SMG community is mostly thankful for the cross-country relocation of both of our 14 year olds. Because I’m afraid to think about what it would have been like had we not moved…

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  2. Donna Jones says:

    I still maintain that we are raising the same child, 2000+ miles apart. Someone should look into this.


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