• The Smells of Christmas Past

    My step-dad would never tell you what he wanted for Christmas. He would always insist he already had everything he needed. Not that I doubted it. He was an extremely simple man who was wearing his same robe and eyeglasses well into his 80s. Still, it was Christmas — we had to get him something! That something… Continue Reading

  • The Evolution of Mall Conversations

    It occurred to me — as I stood there wearing Croc slippers, black mismatching athletic socks, sweats, and a sweatshirt that I don’t believe has been washed in 2014 — that things certainly have changed a bit when it comes to visiting the mall. First, I was only about 100 feet in before I was… Continue Reading

  • Working the System

    I’m not saying we have a budding politician on our hands here, but … Him: “Dad, I have straight As!” Me: (Looking at his report card and seeing a couple As and a lot of Bs) “Uh, this doesn’t look like straight As to me.” Him: “Ohhhhhhh, well, yeah but they are A averages.” Me:… Continue Reading