• What’s That Smell?

    The 8th grader just came home, loving all over Rock — snuggling, hugging, giggling at Rock’s licks … and all before I could tell him that white stuff on Rock’s face is toilet paper. Out of the garbage can. In the bathroom. (Click the headline to see the picture.)

  • There’s No App for This

    I pulled the Jury Duty card this morning and at one point wasn’t sure if I was in the middle of jury selection or an SNL skit. Defense Lawyer: “Has anybody had what they might consider a negative experience with law enforcement?” Juror 6: <snickers, waves a hand in the air, and looks over at… Continue Reading

  • My Unfolding Universe

    Several years ago, my wife was trying to raise funds to send a group of kids from our church on a mission trip to Washington, D.C. to build Habit for Humanity homes. It was a small church with a small congregation, comprised mostly of folks from all walks of life, and most of them of very… Continue Reading