• Pictures & Their 1,000 Words

    I love when I walk in the door after an otherwise standard Saturday, January 4, and my Universe is there to reach out and offer me a fist bump. In this case, the fist bump was in the form of a package on the table that Griff had brought inside. I saw the return address… Continue Reading

  • Hanging 11

    “Charlie don’t surf!” But J.D. does. And we’re all the better for it. *** The only thing that gives me more pleasure than checking off my own Bucket List items is when my friends check things off theirs. And because I’ve known the man for nearly 40 years now, and I know him to be… Continue Reading

  • House Calls

    Ninety-eight. That’s how old my stepfather, John Werline, would have been tomorrow. One. That’s how many times he ever stood up and stood between my mother’s rage and me. I never understood their agreement that we were “her kids” and his were “his kids” and that he always seemed to sort of disappear when she… Continue Reading

  • Father’s Day: Let’s Play Two

    Ernie Banks loved the game of baseball so much, he was known to clock in for another day of playing shortstop for the hapless Chicago Cubs, inhale deeply, and say, “It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame. Let’s play two!” *** I’ve buried three fathers. A couple of them more than once. There was the… Continue Reading

  • Conversations With Baristas

    The 6:43 a.m. Saturday conversations with baristas are the best conversations to have with baristas. Most of the morning crowd is still stretching and reading headlines in bed. Those who are here? There is a man sleeping in the leather chair in the middle of the shop. I guess if you’re going to sleep in… Continue Reading

  • Our Journeys

    My favorite train is the 74 Piedmont out of Greensboro. It delivers my 20-year-old son from college on breezy, colorful October afternoons. The hair that is now held back by a headband. The flip-flops. The plastic trash bag that carries his dirty laundry. The book of poetry in his left hand. Two years ago, he… Continue Reading