• Taking The Kid Out of the Country

    And then there was that time I traveled to New York on business in a snowstorm. The hired car, the fancy-hatted driver, the posh new Hilton. And the complimentary breakfast buffet. Mmmmm, The Breakfast Buffet! I threw those 1,000-count threads off my pillow-topped bed the next morning — pulling  my sweats on, sliding my toes… Continue Reading

  • Pictures & Their 1,000 Words

    I love when I walk in the door after an otherwise standard Saturday, January 4, and my Universe is there to reach out and offer me a fist bump. In this case, the fist bump was in the form of a package on the table that Griff had brought inside. I saw the return address… Continue Reading

  • Hanging 11

    “Charlie don’t surf!” But J.D. does. And we’re all the better for it. *** The only thing that gives me more pleasure than checking off my own Bucket List items is when my friends check things off theirs. And because I’ve known the man for nearly 40 years now, and I know him to be… Continue Reading

  • Try Life & Tip Your Driver

    Both of my cars are in the shop this morning. No worries — it’s just something you learn to accept when you own two old vehicles, plus I’m thankful I have the means to get them fixed and I’ve yet to mourn the loss of car payments. So I hopped on my bicycle to ride… Continue Reading

  • “What’th a Bwoo Debil?”

    In honor of the annual NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament getting underway, here’s a throwback to the 1999 tournament … That was the year I had Keenan Riley (age 4) and Griffen Riley (age 3) fill out a bracket based entirely on my reading them only the names of the team mascots. [Editor’s Note:… Continue Reading

  • “Torturing Orphans,” by the Abominable Snowman

    I settled onto the barstool at my local favorite coffee shop, tossed my phone onto the bar, and fixed my eyes on the sign that offered me a little slice of holiday heaven with my caffeine: “Snowman Stories Told Here.” So, naturally, I asked my purple-haired, tattooed, and heavily pierced 20-something barista if I could… Continue Reading